Mt Fly Ash discovered and scaled at Holly Hill

Town of Greenwich, CT  Holly Hill Resource Recovery Facility-Improvement Plan

Does Mt Fly Ash exist at Holly Hill?  What is this:

Six foot two in height, EarthImage scales the ash mound at Holly Hill. Goodwill trailer on top visible.

The Public Works Dept stores pipes and curbing on top of the pile

Storm Water percolates through the pile and drains into Tom’s Brook

Sediments that should be trapped on site now overflow to Armstrong Court and Byram Harbor.


The ashes remain from operations of the municipal incinerator, now replaced with a transfer station.  The old incinerator incompletely burned metals fed into it, and those metals now leech into Tom’s Brook.

The Wetlands Agency requested testing of metals in this sediment pond:

test results reported by DPW to IWWA from October 2011


Note:  mg/L is milligrams per Liter of liquid, or parts per million  (1 Liter is 1000 grams of water.)  Findings are in parts per million of soil (milligrams per kilogram.)


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