Is there just one wire from the coil connecting the two parts? If i manage to build this i will post the schematics and the source code in case someone is interested. I disconnected the light bulb and help a screwdriver in the HV output of the ignition coil, and no spark appeared. The conductivity of the body is quite varied and there are often low frequency components in the Tesla coil output. The capacitors you used may not be able to handle the large current pulse caused when rapidly discharged. Transformers, motors, or the ballasts from inside flourescent light fittings are typical sources of enamled wire.

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DIY Mini Tesla Coil

So not which is the correction. I tried it with a big 8ohm speaker and it was pretty loud. Car Ignition coils there are other kinds, such as motorcycle and boat coils, but the ones made for automotive engines are the largest consist of two windings: I have heard and wondered about the possibility of powering it from a car batt using twoparallel HEIs and pulser. It is also possible that there is a current limiting resistor built into it already.

This is an old article and there are much better alternatives available now. It is very imprtant that you isolate all power, and discharge the capacitor before making any adjustments.


Register a new account. Check out our latest Tesla coil Project. When switched in such manner, induction coils make excellent high voltage power supplies, which can be used for several purposes, such as charging capacitors, driving Jacob’s ladders, Tesla Coils, Plasma Globes, and so on. This signal is then amplitude modulated with the audio signal which you wish to hear. As Ron mentioned, though, it really depends on the type of fence. I would think what you suggest n23055 not safe.

Ignition coil driver by IC + 2N |ELECTRONICS PROJECTS

I have 2 ignition coils in inputpower. But still no sparks or Corona. Bummer, I think anyone who has made an ignition coil driver including myself has had similar experiences. The first time I tried it out nothing happened, but it was working perfectly the next time! The circuit works fine — thanks for the info.

DIY Ignition Coil Driver

So I got a 10mm dia ally rod, stuck that in damp ground and jammed the RF earth wire onto it. How come it only charges vv capacitors, but 2n30555 my 1kv-2kv caps?

When I replace the load by a Igntiion and plug a scope in parallel to that resistance, I get a clean, A return path is not always necesary and becomes partiularly apparent with high voltages. See please my comment No. To avoid saturating the transformer core you would need to set the pulse width very low by adjusting VR2. Could you use a set of breaker points on a distributer to run the ignition coils instead of the electronics???


DIY Homemade Ignition Coil Driver – RMCybernetics

So that leads me to ask you your advice on building a 6 volt electric fencer using a 6 volt car coil,solar powered to keep the battery charged, using ne timer, transistors. I often use a 1kV nF capacitor with a 50W R resistor. You should make your primary coil longer more turns than you calculated for and make it using uninsulated metal so that you can adjust the effective number of turns.

The second diagram wont work. The sparks travels between them.

The impedance of your load limits this current. Do you think this is a reasonable explanation, or is there something happening that I am missing? The suggestion on Jan Wagners page is certainly a good idea to help protect the transistors.

It uses a carbon based material for the conductor which has a high resistance. We have some High Voltage Capacitors. I would like to drive 1 coil with 4 drivers.