The will probably not increase speed any as it is using the same standard any other Kontralien , Oct 11, , in forum: The current hardware will be the final hardware for 11n. Discussion in ‘ HP ‘ started by nomisx89 , Jun 10, I have heard it is very buggy and not very stable for most people.

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That leads to 2 other questions: And I also hear draft N has issues? Danishblunt Dec 11, Nauzhror Nov 30, If so, what standard is it using a,b,g?

You can buy a ahn adapter that would plug into one of your USB ports. The only reason that I would tell you to get the is because the has been know to disconnect from networks randomly. The current hardware will be the final hardware for 11n.

I was looking to purchase a Pavilion dvt and I couldn’t decide which network Here is the big thing that the wireless router companies are saying about Draft-N being “draft”: You must log in or sign up to reply here. Parents asked me for some help with home wireless; need some advice ApostateTapirDec 10,in forum: Go with 11n as sooner or later you will be moving to it.


Intel PRO/Wireless 3945 and WiFi Link 4965 devices

It is one big mess. Thanks a bunch these responses really helped. In the short run it may seem like a good idea but in the long run, not so much. And this may not even be possible for some cards.

Wireless 3945ABG vs 4965AGN Network w/Bluetooth

The only reason you would get a Draft-N card is if you every found a Draft-N network that you wanted to connect to. Sid1 33945, Jun 10, However, the problem may be fixed now or it may be fixed with an update later.

Look at the name and you will find avn standards each adapter supports ABG Supports Do you own a wireless router? I have heard it is very buggy and not very stable for most people. Share This Page Tweet. Kontralien Oct 11, Wireless-G is enough for most people.

No, create an account now. Other than that congratulations on your new notebook purchase.


You should be fine no matter which wireless card 39445 pick. LiveDesignJun 10, BaconfatDec 1,in forum: No changes in hardware till the final stage.

Draft-N is exactly what the name says: I hope this helps. As for Bluetooth, if you decide that you want to try it out, just PM me and I will provide you with some links.

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