Under load Classic Test from Battery Eater , the battery life finally sinks to under an hour with maximum brightness and energy savings options deactivated. Overall, we would describe the display quality as moderate, whereby two points should be made in the Aspire G’s defense: The packaging is surprisingly small. But there is still one snag, as upon closer listening, our tester sometimes had a whimpering noise. If one pulls the notebook into a full-load situation, the temperatures rise enormously. Disk data transfer rate.

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Most of the keys are on the other pleasantly large. It’s the same picture on the case’s surface. The keyboard left a good, though not outstanding, viedo. Furthermore, the precision also impresses all around just as does the reliable multi-touch control.

A Kensignton Lock rounds off the right side. Especially the palm rest make themselves known in this respect and a maximum of On the upper side, impressions are only noticeable under a heavy push, and on the under side, 555g the area around the optical driver seems to be somewhat unstable. A sticker gives info on the most important features.

Acer Aspire 5551G laptop video card drivers

Both of the integrated loudspeakers give off a – typical for notebooks – run of the mill sound. Still, the energy use remains pretty much within reason at 35 watt Core i5 max. Dirt 2 The racing game Dirt 2 presents itself as pretty frugal in terms of its use of resources.


But the energy use is relatively low at 13 to 15 watts. A second harddrive cannot be retrofitted by the way, as the case only has a single plug-in location. There is little to complain about in terms of stability; only when a great deal of force is applied especially to the dedicated numeric keypad does it buckle a bit.

Acer Aspire 5551G Series

The long battery monopolizes the entire backside. Apart from the 90 watt power pack, the notebooks delivery box contains only a warranty booklet and some short instructions. If one reduces the details to the middle level and doubles the antialiasing, viceo performance in the x resolution goes up to a still insufficient Next to a hidden partition, which presumable houses recovery data, Acer put in only one additional partition, which holds all acee GB.

Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. For that reason, it’s our opinion that only AMD fans zcer reach for the Phenom II X3 while everyone else is at the moment better served by the Intel camp. Finally, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit is pre-installed as the operating system. Black framing provide accents.

Acer Aspire G Series – External Reviews

Bass is also hardly noticeable. In the native resolution of xit is still enough for a decent 33 fps during operation in medium details. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Those who prefer to work with more partitions can use free tools like the Partition Wizard to put in additional partitions afterwards without having to completely reinstall the operating system. This weight is representative for typical vvideo with a inch display-diagonal.


Playing DVDs further reduces this 5551gg around two hours before the Aspire G has to be plugged in again. Only in the rarest of cases is it possible to play with middle or high details without massively reducing the resolution.

Current processors from Intel’s core range even have an L3 cache which covers up to eight MB. In multi-core rendering of the Cinebench R10 64 bitthe iQM was, as expected, at the top with an outstanding points with the Q points and the iM points following it.

A similar statement can be made about the optical drive. The production process is meanwhile cutting edge with 40nm.

There are hardly any notebooks currently in the consumer realm which can offer acceptable viewing angle stability. The 90 watt power pack is moderately large. A single fan fan is responsible for cooling the components.