Earth Image has partnered with Elevation Solutions to provide drone based aerial images with photogrammetric ground control and products —  Ortho-photo composites, elevation histograms, vegetation analysis, NDVI images, topography, and 3-D rendered models.  See press release below NDVI sample:

NDVI example
Ole’s Creek or Long Meadow tidal marsh in Old Greenwich CT depicting vegetation.


Elevated Solutions and Earth Image Announce Strategic Partnership

Greenwich, Connecticut (July 27, 2017): Elevated Solutions and Earth Image announce a strategic integration partnership to provide an enhanced certified solution for geographical surveying. The two industry leading companies are teaming up to integrate their services of aerial mapping and survey engineering.

The utilization of drones in the construction sector is exploding globally, providing enhanced information quickly, at a substantial cost savings to traditional methods. The scientific technique of photogrammetry applied to aerial data, produces topographic, ortho-mosaic maps and 3D models. Earth Image has an established history in working with this scientific approach via manned aircraft. Elevated Solutions has tenure in the rapidly expanding UAV market and has honed the current process of aerial data acquisition.

Together, by combining the technology of advanced ground based survey equipment & engineering from Earth Image and the aerial photogrammetry & post processed data sets from Elevated Solutions – highly detailed & certified accurate geographical surveys, point clouds and 3D models are derived. This process is currently the fastest and most cost-effective approach available. The client deliverables provide unparalleled interactive perspectives, enhanced information and calculative analysis not possible by any other method.

Accuracy is certified by employing a small number of survey located, visual ground control points for validation and corrective reference.  An average post-processed survey of less than 5 acres typically contains millions of geo-reference data points. The data points contained within the cloud models are routinely accurate to within one inch of their geographic location.

As part of this partnership, the duo is also announcing a very competitive combined fixed rate pricing schedule for properties under 5 acres.  Their package includes a highly detailed (~1 inch/pixel) georeferenced orthomosaic map, 3D interactive model, collaboration & annotation web portal and baseline data accumulation or general locations survey for a fixed cost.

“I am excited to be working with an intelligent and forward thinking company like Earth Image. Both of our companies have a history of leveraging the latest technology to maximize our value of service. Coupling our efforts to this approach of surveying is unrivaled and provides the best end-to-end certified solution for the client.” said John Windels, President of Elevated Solutions.

To learn more about this partnership and its current services, please contact:

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