Stop Monitor Terminate the monitoring. Look at the front panel of the AK voice logger, you can see a 5 inch colored touch screen. Back to main menu 3. This is voltage level to verify if the channel is plug with landline. Enable to play recording reminder to both side during a call.

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Manually recording by press hot key. You can configure specified extension number not be recorded.

Outbound Call on hold. Definition of landline plug in.

AK32 user’s manual

Card 1, 4 Installed properly Card 2, 3 Error or not installed Status Monitor Start Monitor Select a Channel to start monitoring conversation while the user account is authorized. Basis of Caller ID comparison with phone book Channel setting for auto-answer.

AK32 supports SQL searching as well. If the interval time is more that 7 s, the call will be determined as a missed call. Load specified auto-answer announcement to device.


AK32 user’s manual |

If the HDD is disconnected or unformatted, the indicator will not appear. Silent lasting time ms: PABX channel number length.

Wound the recording file from AK32, 2 options: The new central managing software allows the administrator to manage multi devices on different sites simultaneously. Usually for microphone and interphone recording.

Aikon AK32 35A 6S

AK32, the genuine embedded system voice logger is a perfect recording solution for various industries. Yes to save all including extension number dialing from inbound call. Telephone number Start time and date Recording elapse HH: The name will be along with skund file, it also will be shown on monitor page.

It indicates HDD current space, total operation time and remaining time. Remaining time is calculated by average parameter of used HDD. This parameter for inbound call DTMF receiving only. Flexible Expansion Each AK32 voice logging unit can be expanded from 8 channels to 32 channels by adding extra recording cards. Channel Recording announcement enabled indicator. Terminate Flag task c.


Introducing brand new Artech AK series. Card 2 Channel 9. Command for start or stop manual recording by DTMF a,32 User name to login PABX. Start recording while polarity reversal signal received.

It shows Channel number, status telephone number, recording time and status. From followed example, user can read out outbound call information 1.

Aikon AK32 35A S BLHeli_32 ESC | eBay

Expandable from 8 to 16, 24 and 32 channels 4. The specific level sound lasts time for start recording. Standard rack case provides you zound convenience for both mounting in rack cell or just place in desk — whichever is perfect for your requirements.

Refer system setting 16, 17 B.