Similar Threads Original or copy cones for ? You might find this thread from the altec forum interesting Similar Threads From the bad, comes the good! By the way JBL 1′ drivers can sound just as weak in the midrange down right terrible. The G is by far the best Altec 1″ format high compression driver, and one can hear the difference. Not bright yet extended with great articulation.

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This is for a second system in a fairly large room that I would also occasionally use outdoor.

Altec Lansing G Altec’s Best Vintage 1″ Format High compression driver | Speakers | Audiogon

Todays GPA replica weighs 9lb. Overall performance will be maintained or improved. Discussion in ‘ Speakers ‘ started by babgripSep 2, I’ll let you know what I find as far as amplifier, but what I had in mind was one of those gainclones using the chip and I think they are good for 40 wpc at 8ohms and 50wpc for the dual monos If you note on 8802 catalog pages Dave posted, there’s some fine print that says: I don’t own any le85s or drivers so I can’t make the direct comparison you seek.


Overdriving alnico 8t drivers will make them lose some of their charge. How do I actually alttec if they have to be recharged in the first place? Altec G good, bad or ugly. Their bandwidth is hz to 22Khz with a 1. Another interesting note, well to some of us anyway, the new small format drivers from GPA use a phase plug very similar to the tangerine, but it has only 9 slits vs the 13 of the tangerine.

The G model is the only with both Alnico mags and the Tangerine phase plug. Western Electric’s audio services and products became Altec. 8v, this listing has ended. Babgrip, got a date code for that driver?

Altec’s best Vintage 1″ Format High compression driver. Do you already have an account?

Hi Spencer You’re on record as owning monitors. The slots after an hour I would have to shut it off. BTW, who is the resident crossover maven, Gispard??? You cannot find drivers of this quality today for anywhere even close to 8gg price.

Bill worked for Altec before starting Great Plains. No other firm has had the impact on high quality audio that Western Electric, subsequently Altec, has had.

Altec 802 8g Horn Drivers

I have posted some photos of driver. G8 again Ben B. Share This Page Tweet. Solid state Tube View All Integrateds. I haven’t encountered the grey phase plug yet, but the surprises never cease. Magnet Recharging Services don’t quote me on any of the following prices ; – In your area, Belisle Acoustic advertises that they re-magnetize drivers.


International shipping is available. Wound up with the Jubals, and asap I swapped them for a mint pair of WX’s.

They developed the Mirrophonic speakers in based upon the revolutionary shearer system. Vintage have a different sized pole piece than than the “new” ‘s. What are there value?

Take a look at this: The radial slit phase plug had already been invented, patented, and produced by, i think Bell labs, but don’t quote me on that as it might have actually been an RCA patent, i simply don’t have the time to locate that info right now, google patent searches take time.