Have you got the internal mic working yet? After you run the following commands, it should tell you if they were succesful after pressing enter. Webcam Works out of the box Webcam , using the uvcvideo driver. Thank you for your helpful recommendations. References 1 Acer Support: I cannot stress this step enough. All hardware will work under Leopard, but not all under Snow Leopard.

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Search for the tutorial of the Acer Aspire one A, the D is very, very similar. Configuration Aod20 Xorg should work out of the box.

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Power Management Suspend to ram works when the acpi, acpid and acpi-support packages are installed. Report Respond to Jumpa.

Once a proper kernel is installed, you need to install proper firmware from the proprietary driver, using something like the bfwcutter package.

You need to press the power button or wirelesx key on the keyboard to resume.

How to Reset the Wireless on an Acer Aspire One |

Skype is a different animal. Just install the package or follow the instructions here. Is my card physically broken or am I just having software problems? It will “sleep” actually I think it shuts downthen it goes through the Acer boot screen, then aoe250 tries to restore the desktop its all greyed out desktop with the white bars at the bottom showing the progressand then turns back off right before it loads.


When you open the software for either one of them, it gives you an option to set them as default.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Cindy let us know how you make out your almost there! It works fine with a Verizon data adapter a 2-in-1 model by Novatel that can also read MicroSD cards.

Why isn’t the Wi-Fi on my Acer netbook working?

If you do, go into the configuration of the program and see if there is an option to disable managing wifi by default. A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

Let me know if it works or not and also a little bit of your system configuration. I used Gparted to well and truly wipe. I tried, then turned off, the two finger scrolling it IS available! Posted December 30, I don’t know, really.

Thanks man, I could go crazy without this hint.

How to Reset the Wireless on an Acer Aspire One

The trick here is to raise the “speaker” volume up, as raising the master volume is not sufficient. Thanks you soo much!!


Those dell wireless cards are proving a little difficult to get my hands on, and apparently the chassis of the D changed so you can’t use a standard card, is that just rumor to try and scare us? Posted December 31, SL installer should start – follow steps as usual. Also forgot to say, my aspire goes through a weird loop when I try to get it to sleep. Greg October 22, Save yourself headaches of kexts for Atheros and just f’ing upgrade the card. After you run the following commands, it should tell you if they were succesful after pressing enter.

If you tape over it, the device will always be on.

You need to add those lines in xorg. I can’t write a perfect how-to, but I do have a running I have tried so many different advice from online.