Or did you find any in your searches. Last edited by dozer on Sat Feb 26, 7: Don’t speak of such things! I believe it was 4. I believe a 35mm bolt would be perfect but I could not find any locally. Just let us know which forum you go to No!

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My daughter was the same way first couple years of her life was always busting her face.

RS Motor – 18V –

The stock PW motors are under mn-m. Last edited by taz11 on Sat Feb 26, 7: I used M4 35mm Big box hardware store? Last edited by dozer on Wed Mar 02, 1: It moves the motor out and repositions the motor side to side. Made our first snowmen today. He wipes out looks at me for conformation that he is “OK” then gets up and takes off again. These draw lots of amps! If it ain’t modified, It ain’t much fun!


Did you also look at the front of the dune beetle and silverado. Wed Feb 23, 4: I thought they might also work for a front wheel drive set up. Last edited by dozer on Sun Feb 27, 1: I was looking for more torque and the mootr rating on these was astounding.

I cant remember exactly. The diameter is listed on the BB site. I googled it and ended up buying from a car audio place.

Never seemed to catch herself. Or just get things hot?

Taz I can honestly say that I cant wait for your moto to get older and you move to gas powered rides. We have a small garden but with them always digging in it and now thinking driving power wheels through it is fun. Wed Dec 15, 8: Or did you find any in your searches.

And how did it perform on the playground Anyone ever successfully put tracks on one of these. Last edited by taz11 on Tue Mar 01, I took some pics this time since the question has come up.


P60 for RS-500 or RS-700 Motors

Thu Oct 24, 2: I threw my mic on it later Mktor wife says that my sister in law was the same way, I guess it comes honestly. I started out with some clear lexan scraps Tue Jan 18, 4: Sun Dec 04, 1: These are the motors It was nessassary to grind a flat on the motor shaft for the set screw.

You can operate the relay with the stock pedal switch.