It is almost completely Private , however, you still need to provide the Sign object with a comm port number. That is the library does not work with COM ports other then 1. I didn’t specify a run sequence here because file A always runs by default. There are many more details and comments in the demonstration solution provided at the top of the article, so check it out. I’m interested to see your web interface, too!

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Industrologic, Inc. – BetaBrite┬« software

It works really well, and I’ve used it to great effect with my BetaBrite sign. I have one of these signs and betabfite came with no cable or software. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. It is smaller and lighter and uses less energy and operates cooler. Articles Quick Answers Messages. I was hoping that there is a newer version of the protocol documentation that specifically discusses the additional features the Prism display has over the classic displays, and that someone reading this is able to point me to where I can obtain such documentation.

ToString End If Write dc. First off, I’d like to say that you’ve done a tremendous job with this code.

Please view all pictures and ask any questions before purchase. I’m pretty happy with the way this API turned out, but I think it’s worth mentioning a few of the things I decided not to do.


This would not be hard to do, but I don’t think it’s very useful for PC-connected signs — I expect the PC to be overwriting the sign every few minutes anyway. I am looking at porting some of it to C so I can use it in a few products, but I am looking at sending rgb colors to the display.

This isn’t a big deal in practice, but it cannot be abstracted away, so you must getabrite aware of it.

To work around it, you can mark CommandCode Enum as public instead of protected Hope this helps, Stonie. Some Limitations I’m pretty happy with the way this API turned out, but I think it’s worth mentioning a few of the things I decided not to do.

Comes with original power supply. I think a more flexible design might be for your class to take a Bitmap object instead of a file path. I am particularly interested in best practices and human factors in software development, as represented in my recommended developer reading list.

This two foot LED display beats the heck out of those retro-kitsch novelty build status indicators. Just modify the Sign. Sign As promised, this API is very simple to use.

Beta Brite

NET applications that support the BetaBrite sign. Is there another place to the grab code from? One is unfortunately limited in what one can do with macros IIRC, they can contain font-change commands, but not end-of-line or transition commandsbut they nonetheless provide a useful way to have text that will change ‘smoothly’ in response to external stimuli.


I spent the last week poring over the documentation; here’s what I found: Well, it’s not wrong per se– the web context just holds on to the reference a lot longer than a console or winforms app would. Contact us about how you can combine this display with your Industrologic product to create a package perfect for your application.

However, it is possible to send regular text using RGB colors. However, do not expect this to look good! I wrote a web interface which allows people to draw on my sign, and I have to betavrite their drawing, save it to a file, then feed the file to your betabritee.

Which is no problem! The prism can reproduce the following 64 colors: Sune Kaae 8-May Other values are interpreted as black pixels. Anyway, apart from that, it’s great work. Remote is pre owned but in overall good condition.