HERE WE GO AGAIN………………… HEARINGS ON DEFINITIONS AND RULE CHANGES JULY 18th  AND AUG 1st.  Community Input Sought.  Grade plane combined-revision 2017 Poster Child Competition 2017 for the Greenwich Neighborhood most impacted by grade manipulation to make zoning regs work. Submit your nominations in the comments below. Special Page to explain the new rules

Posted on November 9, 2011by EarthImage How does one measure that over time?   With today’s technology, a mathematical ellipse (OK- Clarke’s spheroid of 1888)  in space is used to measure land and water.  At Battery Park at the south tip of Manhattan, the high precision GPS antenna records visible satellite position vectors every second.  The tide […]

Posted on January 20, 2012by EarthImage Town of Greenwich, CT  Holly Hill Resource Recovery Facility-Improvement Plan Does Mt Fly Ash exist at Holly Hill?  What is this: Six foot two in height, EarthImage scales the ash mound at Holly Hill. Goodwill trailer on top visible. The Public Works Dept stores pipes and curbing on top of the […]

Posted on December 6, 2012by EarthImage NJ Transit head James Weinstein said at a US Senate commerce sub-committee hearing on the storm’s impact: “Based on the information that we had … there was a likelihood in the 80 to 90 percent range that no flooding would happen there,” he said. “And that combined with the history that […]