Matt Broughton Matt Broughton. Apologies also re pxlmono – I did not check if Lion was supported. So that eliminates my attempt to try option 2 as well. Servers Enterprise Speciality level out of ten: Sep 2,

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I socucentre-ii using Generic PCL driver as well as the latest driver given by FujiXerox but keep getting the error message “The optical photoconductor needs to be replaced” on the printer’s queue. Oct 7, 5: Question marked as Solved User profile for user: User profile for user: Sep 1, 6: Matt, thanks 4 u 2, for the insight provided on PXL. What should I do?

Thanks buddy, your attempt was genuine and the asnwer was in detail, yet it hasn’t helped me resloving the issue completely. I’ll try it tomorrow and keep mad posted.

View answer in context. I have a LiDEnot a I also tried connecting using HP Jetdirect – Socket.

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Mac OS X This should show what printer languages it supports. You can send an e-mail to walterwego at macosx dot com and I will send you the files. Aug 31, Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Is there any other eocucentre-ii where I can find those packages?


Posted on Aug 31, If no job management is enabled then the last suggestion would be the supported printer language.

Wayne Connor Wayne Connor. Sep 1, 4: I have deleted and added the printer numerous times. Sep 30, 1: I tried to download the PXLMONO package you suggested but the site is offline for maintenance from several days and I really need to print in color in my new office.

Matt Broughton Matt Broughton. And looking back through the older posts, the only one I can find that sounds similar to your question is this one. The first is that often an LPD queue requires a specific queue name. If the driver you downloaded is Postscript but the copier does docuventre-ii support this printer language, then this will result in the job vanishing and possibly that error code you mention, which may be along the lines of incorrect printer description language PDL.

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However when I submit for any printout an Excel I tried the job disappears from the Print Job Q after spooling and I’m not getting the printout. Anyone knows a solution that can resloves this issue?


This printer is networked in a windows environment and is functioning normally on docicentre-ii other PCs. Ask a question Reset.

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So that eliminates my attempt to try option 2 as well. Posted on Aug 30, If using HP Jetdirect still causes the same error then it could be some form of job management enabled in the copier.

For some office copiers, Postscript is now an option rather than a standard docucentrr-ii.