The purification method may be modified depending on the size of the linearization reaction which was conducted. Alternatively, these residues are deamidated under mildly acidic conditions. The oncology-related primary constructs or oncology-related mmRNA may also encode additional features which facilitate trafficking of the oncology-related polypeptides to therapeutically relevant sites. It is advantageous to correlate the level with one or more clinical phenotypes or with an assay for a human disease biomarker. In some embodiments, the modified mRNA includes from about 35 to about 3, nucleotides e. Where these exist, they are shown in the tables as well.

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Adv Drug Deliv Rev. For example, the building block molecule, which may be incorporated into a polynucleotide, primary construct, or mrnR A, can be:. One or more atoms of a pyrimidine nucleobase may be replaced or substituted with optionally substituted amino, optionally substituted thiol, optionally substituted alkyl e.

In another embodiment, the nucleobase can also include, for example, naturally-occurring and synthetic derivatives of a base, including pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidines, 5-methylcytosine 5-me-C5-hydroxymethyl cytosine, xanthine, hypoxanthine, 2-aminoadenine, 6-methyl and other alkyl derivatives of adenine and guanine, 2-propyl and other alkyl derivatives of adenine and guanine, 2-thiouracil, 2-thiothymine and 2-thiocytosine, euttectics uracil and cytosine, 6-azo eutectcs, cytosine and thymine, 5-uracil pseudouracil4-thiouracil, 8-halo e.

As the name implies, bifunctional oncology-related polynucleotides are those having eutectucs capable of at least two functions.

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In some embodiments, the oncology-related polynucleotide, primary construct, or mmRNA includes a locked modified ribose. For example, miR binding sites may be removed to improve protein expression in the liver.

The polymeric material may include, but is not limited to, polyamines, polyethers, polyamides, polyesters, polycarbamates, polyureas, polycarbonates, poly styrenespolyimides, polysulfones, polyurethanes, eutectcis, polyethylenes, polyethyeneimines, polyisocyanates, polyacrylates, polymethacrylates, polyacrylonitriles, and polyarylates.

In other embodiments, each of R 1 and R 2 is, independently, H, halo, hydroxy, thiol, optionally substituted alkyl, optionally eutecrics alkoxy, optionally substituted alkenyloxy, optionally substituted alkynyloxy, optionally substituted aminoalkoxy, optionally substituted alkoxyalkoxy, optionally substituted hydroxyalkoxy, optionally substituted amino, azido, optionally substituted aryl, optionally substituted aminoalkyl, optionally substituted aminoalkenyl, optionally substituted aminoalkynyl, or absent e.


USA1 – Modified polynucleotides encoding granulysin – Google Patents

According to the present invention, the oncology-related primary constructs comprise at least a first region of linked nucleosides encoding at least one oncology-related polypeptide of interest. Exemplary modified cytosines include compounds b10 – b It is also within the scope of the present invention to provide artificial UTRs which are not variants of wild type genes.

For example, the nucleobase can each be independently selected from adenine, cytosine, guanine, uracil, or hypoxanthine.

In one embodiment, LNP formulations described herein may comprise euetctics polycationic composition. The present invention also includes building blocks, e. Such modulation includes antagonism or agonism of a given pathway. The period of time may include, but is not limited to, hours, days, weeks, months and years.

In one embodiment, the poly-A tail is designed relative to the length of the eutextics oncology-related polynucleotides, oncology-related primary constructs or oncology-related mmRNA. In one embodiment, an immune response may be elicited by delivering a lipid nanoparticle which may include a nanospecies, a polymer and an immunogen. In certain embodiments, a polypeptide to be utilized in accordance with the invention includes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or more mutations as shown in any of the sequences provided or referenced herein.

The reactions of the processes described herein can be carried out in suitable solvents, which can be readily selected by one of skill in the art of organic synthesis.

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For example, provided are therapeutics containing eutecrics or more nucleic acids that encode trastuzumab and granulocyte-colony stimulating factor G-CSF. In some embodiments, the modified nucleobase is a modified cytosine. In some embodiments, R 14 is halo.

In one embodiment, the ipx comprises two or more cationic polymers. The use of lipidoid formulations for the localized delivery of nucleic acids to cells such as, but not limited to, adipose cells and muscle cells via either subcutaneous or intramuscular delivery, may not require all of the formulation components desired for systemic delivery, and as such may comprise only the lipidoid and the cosmetic polynucleotide, primary construct, or mmRNA.


A solid lipid nanoparticle SLN may be spherical with an average diameter between 10 to nm. R 12c is H, halo, optionally substituted alkyl, optionally substituted alkoxy, optionally substituted thioalkoxy, optionally substituted amino, optionally substituted hydroxyalkyl, optionally substituted hydroxyalkenyl, optionally substituted hydroxyalkynyl, optionally substituted aminoalkyl, optionally substituted aminoalkenyl, or optionally substituted aminoalkynyl.

The number of reactive groups on the modified saccharide eutsctics be controlled in a stoichiometric fashion to directly control the stoichiometric ratio of conjugated oncology-related polynucleotide, etectics primary construct or oncology-related mmRNA.

Exemplary modified guanosines include compounds of Formula ix; – b Exemplary nucleobases and nucleosides having a modified adenine include 2-amino-purine, 2,6-diaminopurine, 2-aminohalo-purine e.

The process of design and synthesis of the oncology-related primary constructs of the invention generally ixxp the steps of gene construction, mRNA production either with or without modifications and purification. Transfection experiments can be conducted in relevant cell lines at and protein production can be assayed by ELISA at 12 hour, 24 hour, etectics hour, 72 hour and day 7 post-transfection.

Further, the composition or pharmaceutical composition may be made by the methods known in the art, described herein, or as described in U. In another non-limiting example the substitution of guanine bases in the cosmetic primary construct may be designed so as to leave one guanine base in the region downstream of the transcription start site and before the start codon see Esvelt et uxp.