Open cassette 1 and pull out paper transfer unit then remove the paper jam. Normal 2 4 Press the or key to display the desired paper thickness. For example, a paper jam occurs. When writing data to the storage device, a name is automatically assigned to the data. Font You can select the default font for the current interface.

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Insert the duplex drawer securely. Processing appears and the data is deleted from the CompactFlash card. Dropouts, horizontal streaks, stray dots Clean the charger wire.

Menu Map The printer prints a full list of menu selection system. Paper Transfer Unit Release Lever green colored Paper Transfer Unit 2 Wipe away the paper dust on the registration roller and the paper ramp using the wiper cloth included in the toner kit.

Do not use envelopes that have an encapsulated liquid adhesive.

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The user name is assigned at printing using the printer driver. This enables fs-38820n printing of multiple copies using an electric sort function. Total capacity of the storage device in bytes. Note 2 Pull out the charger unit approximately 5 cm 2 inches.


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Kd viii Introduction The Kyocera Mita page printer has many extremely desirable features. The space remaining in the storage device for storing more data, including the memory space required by the printer for its file system.

The total space used for data stored in the storage device in bytes. Do not remove the extra top sheet from the carrier sheet until after printing is finished. The guidelines given below will increase the productivity of your office ix ensuring efficient, trouble-free printing and reducing wear and tear on the printer.

The number of copies to be printed can be set. Paper should be packed in a sturdy carton to protect it from damage during transport. Preprinted Paper Preprinted paper should have a bond paper base.

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Check the charger unit installation. It also lists pin assignments, signal functions, timings, connector specifications, and voltage levels. The printer is factory-set to emulate the PCL. Any copies made of all or part of this guide, any copyrightable subject must contain the same copyright notice as the material from which the copying is done. Each interface has a timeout time of 30 seconds during which the other interface should wait to receive a print job.


The message display returns to Ready. Harold 6 Press the example. No responsibility is assumed if accidents occur while the user is following the instructions in this guide.

jx By installing the envelope feeder, you can print on a wide variety of different envelope sizes. Most paper also has a top and bottom surface. Since the composition and quality of special paper vary considerably, special paper is more likely than white bond paper to give trouble during printing.

An envelope is a more complex object than a single sheet of paper. A EF Envelope Feeder Otherwise, this license is governed by the laws of the country in which you acquired the Program. This chapter explains the following topics: The parties agree that all other warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and merchantability, are excluded.

If set toprinting will be continued immediately without allowing any time interval.