Computer-related introductions in Video cards GeForce Series. As far as cooling goes, we can take a look at a typical Ultra board layout to see what we can expect: And they should as the GeForce GT offers really nice performance with a feature set that is completely up-to-date for a price that everyone is willing to spend, if you are a gamer that is. Second-generation Intellisample technology delivers up to a percent increase in compression efficiency for compressing color, texture, and z-data, and powers unprecedented visual quality for resolutions up to x High-Precision 3D Graphics Up to 8 pixels per clock rendering engine bit, studio-quality, floating-point precision computation through the entire rendering pipeline. Retrieved June 14, Retrieved August 25,

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The Ultra had respectable performance overall but it was slower than the Radeon Pro and sometimes slower than the GeForce 4 Ti series. True-color, 64×64 hardware cursor alpha.

At the time, there were no GeForce FX products for the other segments of the market. ahp

Verto GeForce FX Ultra MB AGP Graphics Card Overview – CNET

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. With real-time 3D graphics technology continually advancing, the release of DirectX 9. Each had an “Ultra” variant and a slower, budget-oriented variant and all used conventional single-slot cooling solutions.


Armed with MB DDR memory and a simple software bundle Prolink is making a daring yet interesting move here, and I like that in a manufacturer.

Retrieved August 25, The initial version of the GeForce FX the was one of the first cards to come equipped with a large dual-slot cooling solution. It was similar to the Ultra, but clocked slower and used slower memory. With a GeForce FX powering your games, you’ll have the graphics processing power needed to unleash stunning 3D worlds and the most life-like character animations ever seen in interactive entertainment.

It leads you to a new era of graphics and gaming.

GeForce FX series

That’s not 570 though, in the article we are going to compare the new cards with almost all other GeForce FX cards and we’ll throw in a couple of popular Radeon 9×00 cards as well.

The provided strong competition for the Radeon XT in games limited to light use of shader model 2. Its weak performance in processing Shader Model 2 programs is caused by several factors.

That’s what we’ll be reviewing today. Very long vertex programs up to static instructions with up to 65, instructions executed before termination. Prolink however did something new in this genre and developed something mysterious called PDF.

GeForce 2 4 MX. The also featured a redesigned version of the ‘s FlowFX cooler, this time using a larger, slower fan and running much quieter as a result.


GeForce 8 9 Performance therefore at exactly the same level also. Views Read Edit View history. Powers the next-generation of complex, realistic shadow effects fd accelerating shadow generation.

It happened to me a while ago when I received a press-release from our friends at Prolink. With a GeForce FX 7500 series powering your graphics experiences, you can run applications and games at higher resolutions and at speeds never before possible.

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The GeForce is hitting the market hard as this is going to be a graphics card ffx is affordable yet offers some really good value for it’s money. So this will be a very competitive review Multibuffering double, triple or quad for smooth animation and video playback.

The Last Bout of ‘03 – NVIDIA’s GeForce FX 5700 Ultra

Very long pixel programs up to 1, instructions. Computer-related introductions in Video cards GeForce Series. To re-itterate, this is a very nice card. And I’m 57000 this will continue to do so for the next couple of weeks.