But unlike other combat theaters, for example the European Theater of Operations , the CBI was never a ” theater of operations ” and did not have an overall American operational command structure. West Point Association of Graduates. The decision to relieve General Stilwell represents the political triumph of a moribund, anti-democratic regime that is more concerned with maintaining its political supremacy than in driving the Japanese out of China. From that point on, the mules would carry the heaviest loads. I coulda’ squeezed one off and no one woulda’ known it wasn’t a Jap who got that son of a bitch.

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Quite a relief, though we could have gone on by ourselves.

Stilwell Museum

Fourth Corps intelligence officer and helped plan the St. Three Chinese armies had moved into Burma from the province of Yunnan between February and April in an effort to restore the situation.

Worse because it genral have been avoided. As the party progressed toward Imphal, it was repeatedly stopped by various village chiefs offering the ubiquitous rice beer, for which the usual teetotaler Stilwell developed a strong liking. Bernstein is the author of Hurricane at Biak: Army Marauder officer, and Chindit brigade commanders John Masters and Michael Calvert later recalled Stilwell’s appointment of a staff officer specially detailed by him to visit subordinate commands in order to chastise their officers and men as being ‘yellow’.

Joseph Stilwell

From there, he flew on to his headquarters at New Delhi. New York and London: But instead of confronting Stilwell or communicating his concerns to Marshall generral Roosevelt when they asked Chiang to assess Stilwell’s leadership after the Allied disaster in Burma, Chiang reiterated his “full confidence and trust” in the general [33] while countermanding some orders to Chinese units issued by Stilwell in his capacity as Chief of Staff.


Douglas MacArthur and Gen. There were small American staffs at each of these headquarters, but on April 25 the Lashio headquarters was abandoned and its staff sent on to China via the Burma Road.

Stilwell Museum in his honor.

This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat Wikimedia Commons has media genneral to Joseph Stilwell. In Julycampaigns in Northern Burma succeeded and a road between India and Geneal was built under his direct supervision, which made ammunitions and weapons accessible to China and brought an end to the blockade of the fascist state. Stilwell believed that after forcing a supply route through northern Burma by means of a major ground offensive against the Japanese, he could train and equip thirty Chinese divisions with modern combat equipment.

And no treatment of any sort helps these four sores on my feet. Now, when you have not yet placed General Stilwell in command of all forces in China, we are faced with the loss of a critical area Stilwell was replaced by General Albert C.

The village chief at Maingkaing had been apprised of the need for water transportation, but when Stilwell arrived only a few rafts had been prepared. United States of America. When Laybourn arrived with the mules, Stilwell ordered him to swim the animals across the Chindwin and link up again with the main group on the other side of the river.

Finally, the Stilwell party possessed sufficient money to permit the purchase of anything worth buying en route. By this time, Allied supply efforts via the Hump airlift were steadily improving in tonnage supplied per month; with the replacement of Chinese war losses, Chennault now saw little need for a ground offensive in northern Burma in order to re-open a ground supply route to China.


On December 21,Stilwell assumed direct control of planning for the invasion of Northern Burma, culminating with capture of the Japanese-held town of Myitkyina. Stilwell also continually clashed with Field Marshal Archibald Wavelland apparently came to believe that the British in India were more concerned with protecting their colonial possessions than helping the Chinese fight the Japanese.

President Roosevelt recalled General Stilwell to Washington in There were no roads to Myitkyina that could carry vehicles. Early on, the Roosevelt administration and the War Department had given priority to other theaters for U. Stilwell expected 77th Brigade to join the siege of Myitkyina but Michael Calvertsickened by demands on his troops which he considered abusive, switched off his radios and withdrew to Stilwell’s base.

A very different interpretation of events suggests that Stilwell, pressing for his full command of all Chinese forces, had made diplomatic inroads with the Chinese Communist Red Army commanded by Mao Zedong. Tenth Air Force, arrived at Shwebo around noon on May 1, and Stilwell put 15 members of his staff on the aircraft, which flew to Calcutta.

Joseph Stilwell – Wikipedia

Lieutenant ColonelNational Army: Despite this Stilwell believed that with a determined effort, he could beat both. In the midst of the chaos of a complete Allied military collapse, Stilwell finally was forced to undergo a long march to India with the Japanese snapping at his heels. Third, medical personnel made up a significant portion of the group, and a limited amount of medical supplies continued to be carried even after all vehicles were abandoned.