Starting Up Your Gh 3. Define a target performance to be achieved. Sport Record Run file info Delete All 2. NMEA output protocol Output format: Press and hold continuously 4 seconds to turn the unit on or off. Tracking your route as crumb method; marking and saving your tracking points by a special algorithm; finding specified locations. If the Map mode is enabled, then this mode will also be cycled through.

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As this was an early model I did not have the opportunity to evaluate the PC Software that will come with retail units. Unit Size H x W x D in inches: It’s interface is easy to operate and the SiRF chipset results in quick fix times and continued lock even under marginal conditions.

If the Map mode is enabled, then this mode will also be cycled through. All the relevant information is to hand and the menus can be accessed simply and quickly. NMEA output protocol Output format: Page 8 Location mode Map mode If enabled 2. Press the PG button to cycle through the various modes of the GH Globalsat also offers a variation of the GH, with the inclusion of an electronic compass and most importantly, a barometric altimeter, which offers more accurate results compared with the standard version.


Globalsat GH-601 Manuals

This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Page 14 Search Location 1.

Lines and paragraphs break automatically. The three default modes: It is intended for people who participate in a broad range of outdoor sports, such as Jogging, Running, Biking, Snow Skiing, etc. Location mode Map mode If enabled 2.

It also provides access to two screens: Recording all history of self training by defined day. Globalsat, a well known GPS manufacturer, recently released a new series of GPS devices, aimed mostly at enthusiasts with an athletic imposition. The GH series, represent the modern way of athletic training, where you can record your performance and then analyse the results at the comfort of your PC.

Large LCD for easy readout.

Globalsat Technology GH-601 GPS Receiver User Manual

The sport specific features allow you to record your lap time, distance and speed and compare these against previous runs etc. Update your firmware in GH 1. Leave this field blank. Configuration Configure your system 1. Page 13 Save Location 1. More gh-061 about text formats.


Samsung Releases New Flash Laptop.

Page 2 of Globalsat Technology GPS Receiver GH User Guide |

I was still able to use cover but it was no longer secured to the device itself and would be easily lost. You may use these tags: The globalsaf icon indicates how much battery power is left.

Excellent sensitivity for fixing the position even at a weak signal status.

As can be seen in the illustrations above, the screen is fairly easy to read, although the resolution is not very high and contrast is moderate this does not affect the ease of use and as the set is likely to be used outdoors it is fine. Submit A Support Request.

Review by Darren Griffin. Define the project which user would like to achieve. A WAAS-capable receiver can give you a position accuracy at better than three metres, 95 percent of the time.