The time now is The reality is that if you buy a video capturing card you’re going to have to look at non-official forums for help. I just can’t promise you that it can handle the ones you mention check the Sage system requirements, there is a list of compatible tuners. I checked on the official forum and others had reported the same issue with no replies on how to fix it. Thank you for the quick replies.

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I take you have newer model that one come with a MC Remote dbl check everthing make sure that video is play before doing setup. Watch and record two cable TV programs at the same time. I purchased the Model Originally Posted by SHS.

IR Remote control version There is no place that I am aware of that I can enter the value or select it from a list somewhere. Which antenna to get around my little forest. For more information, see these topics: Cannot get the Auxiliary Input to be recognized. The Main card inputs do work.


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Please select your country if not correct and click Next. Capture Devices Gone After Reboot. Signal Strength Indicator version The following list shows recording file sizes for burning to 4. All times are GMT Thanks for the help Quote: If you are watching a digital TV channel and you see choppy video, no audio or a black screen, then it is possible your PC is not fast enough to decode and play the digital TV channel you are watching.

Support: WinTV-HVR-2250 and WinTV-HVR-2255

The reality is that if you buy a video capturing card you’re going to have to look at non-official forums for help. For customization of the Linux driver, please send an e-mail message to: If you wish to connect a source not normally designed for operation in your country, you can configure the Video Format manually from the drop down list.

Go to Start, Control Panel, Default programs. On graphics cards without special video decoding features, you can often improve the playback performance by using the Video Renderer settings located in the settings menu of WinTV 7.

Support: WinTV-HVR-2250 and WinTV-HVR-2200

Maybe this is the 4-digit value you are referring to. Thanks for the help.


Better digital TV reception! Find all posts by HelenWeathers. After you run this vistz64, an icon will appear in your Windows device tray showing that the Hauppauge remote control is active.

The on-board receiver also has a “learn” mode, so you can use almost any external set top box. It can be downloaded here: Click through the hauppauge of the settings, set up your Guide listings and click Finish.

I don’t know why turning off Aero would help Signal Strength Indicator version You will need to have your WinTV v8.

The default mode is EVR.

Remove checkmark by Media Center from enable hauppaube to this program. Tested both the analog and digital tuners and found that both worked on both tuners.