Wireless access point with 3-port wireless print server or 3-port wireless print server pages. Firmware Upgrading Upgrading from your Browser 1. System Status Click on Printer, to show the information of each printer connected to the Print Server. Type in the Printer Name and click Next. Check all the information of the print server by running PSAdmin. Page 54 Solution Check to see if there is a space in the print server name, the printer name, or the queue name.

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Interface Required Connector Type. When done, click the OK button.

So you can add a second port to the second printer, etc. Possible explanation and solution The last upgrade process was not completed. Page 14 Type in a Print Ps122u Names. Installing Print Server on NetWare 4. Question C The upgrading process indication bar stops and does not seem to proceed again while upgrading the print server. Type in a Print Queue Names.

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The unit’s specs claim that it requires 5 volts at a shocking mA. Networking by Lori Grunin Oct 3, Indicates the print server’s name for identification. Type in a new Printer name or leave it with the default setting, and click the Next button. Storage by Rick Broida Nov 12, Our analysis has shown that the USB unit has positively abysmal network performance in spite of what appear yawking be generally decent components.


Please restart your NetWare file server in order for new settings to take effect immediately.

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We’re not sure what the difference is, and we believe that only the first one actually provokes a response from the ls12u we have on hand. It shows the dialog box of the printer configuration. You can select the suitable printer model for your printer, or select “Generic”.

For incoming print path requests, the network administrator must configure the firewall to accept incoming IPP requests from clients outside of the network. Please type in an installation directory or leave it in default and Click Next. Contact name of the Print Server.

Select the appropriate printer manufacturer and printer type list and click Next. Type in a Print server. Firmware Upgrading Upgrading from your Browser 1.

The information packet from the device and the one we used to set new parematers have the same format. To install PSAdmin, please follow the directions listed below.


This option allows you to input encrypted password from the print server. The default password is blank.

Hawking Technology PS12U User’s Manual |

Page 52 Try disabling bi-directional printing. Run Add Printer, Click Next. SNMP is widely used in the industry as a solution for remote network management and monitoring of networking devices.

p12u This assumes that at least one AppleTalk Zone exists on the network. If you have ever modified this line, or if you have ever added any organization units OU to your NDS tree after the NetWare system was installed, please read the following section before you install the print server.

Click on the Add Printer icon.

Hawking Technology PS12U User Manual

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. You should remember this password.

Once it’s addressed, then the rest of the configuration is done via telnet or a browser interface.