The fetch direction attribute is ignored. Page 97 exceptions using the throw keyword and handle exceptions using try , catch , and finally blocks. An attempt was made to perform a deleteRow method or updateRow method or cancelRowUpdates method when the ResultSet rowcursor was on the insert row. A parameter that has an expected table name is set to null. A task that is separately dispatched and that represents a sequential flow of control within a process.

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Read that document before installing the product. The schema where the referenced table base table exists. You just have to copy the EAR file to the jdb directory.

T4LogFile Sets the name of the logging file for the Type 4 driver. You should also be able to run the standalone client application using the following command: Java -enabled platforms that support JDK. Setting up the JBoss environment Preparing the files 1.

JDBC drivers for Tandem HP NonStop

Refer to the Type 4 Driver manual for a list of valid properties and their effects. All the build commands will be run from here. The default password is the empty string. StructThe following h; in the javax. Seeding random number generator class java. This value is ignored when maxpoolsize is This is also a convenient way of pre-populating the database with data.


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Use the getCause method on gp Exception to determine the appropriate recovery action. Installation Guide WebLogic r The connection pool size is determined nnstop the maxpoolsize property value and minpoolsize property value. Page 89 with the Type 4 driver product for demonstrating connection pooling and integration.

A data source can reside on a server or on a PC. For a detailed list, see the Softdoc file delivered with the product, either on the product.

Jdgc JDBC client data source, which is physically a Java object that contains properties such as the URL of the physical database, the catalogto use when to this database, and the schema to use when to this database. Seeding of random number generator has been completed Sets maximum number of physical connections that the pool could contain. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

Any negative value is treated like When this string is empty, connection pooling is used by default with the pool size determined by the maxpoolsize property and minpoolsize property of the basic DataSource object.


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HP NonStop JDBC Type 4 Driver Programmer’s Reference – PDF

An application can make multiple connections to MXCS using different user IDs, and creating different connection objects. I have the driver t4sqlmx. The Type 4 driver instantiates a java. The total gp of PreparedStatement objects that the connection pool should cache.

View the subsequent exception for possible recovery actions. March Copyright by Sybase, Inc. See next exception for detailsCause. This document created or updated on February 27,