Please refer to the FAQ section of the support page of iRiver: And no you can’t bootleg with an iPod. The lowest I found you could encode was Im looking for a version that you actually could copy your Kbps recordings to your computer. As soon as the volume hits about 5, the hiss is no longer audible, well to me anyway, others may have a different opinion, or less wax in their ears. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted After using it for a fortnight I beg to differ:

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Knowing what I know now about the Ogg limitations, if I could be sure that there wouldn’t be the background hiss I would still buy the MB model. Just be aware that the problematic iRiver players are a percentage of the whole and not every single one.

ifp high speed Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

Tons of eq functionality I’m not getting that long of life out of my regular alkalaine batteries and figure I might as well invest in some rechargeable ones. Right-click on the driver. Maybe things have improved. I then changed the speedd of the song from the source folder on the PC Explore side of the music manager software to.


That menu is not in korean so click english and thats that I emailed iRiver support and received the exact same instructions that are on the website – very useful! Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Please refer to the following link: Anything less and they are knowingly selling a faulty product.

Scroll down and find iFP version 1.

I have some Sony headphones that have treated me real good. It’s something like a playlist.

My iRiver just arrived and I already need some help from you more experienced people. The option is available in other players so I was wondering if there is any 3rd party firmware out there. There is no difference between the and other than cosmetics. Also, it has an auto-gain hig. I rarely dropped it, so I don’t know how this happened.

Your email address will not be displayed on this site. All the sudden it won’t turn on. I too had to go back the non-UMS 1.

IRiver iFP-799 MP3 Player User Manual

My iRiver s;eed decentthere is some static when i turn the thing on or off, also With its smooth, molded curves and silver-and-metallic-red coloring, the iRiver iFP looks like it could have been designed by Corvette. Follow these steps to do so: All in all, the design is solid, although out of the box, the iFP’s numerous functions aren’t immediately clear. Just bought iFP from BT. Howard Stern fans can listen in with the FM tuner, which comes with 20 presets that the player can set up automatically.


Thanks for letting me know Greg. This bloated figure is definitely music to our ears.

Can you help me please? Windows threw up an error message saying “the inf file that you selected doesn’t support this method of installation”. Really love the full sound also hear the zzoozzzeeeoo-sound sometimes and a little click between the tracks, but that’s not really annoying.

I think if the uigh is in my fp, is because i have the source, so, I can’t understand the idea for the iRiver’s people!.

This is not background noise on the tracks themselves, as the hiss is audible as soon as the player is switched on, with nothing playing. Of course, I iifp-790 in the inner city Chicago so it’s easy to pick up a signal.