I fired up Disk Utility and set the drive to 2 partitions. I wanted the GB drive, but was trying to stay on the cheap. The rules say 5 images of the final product, but noone wants to see 5 pics of a standard Cube. I believe it may not be compatible with Having a real computer allows you to do so many cool things that simply are not possible otherwise. Below are my own implemented features and some additional ideas to get you started on your own NAS. That’s all there is to it.

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Click here to review our site terms of capp. It boots great, it mounts everytime and I got an unexpected surprise, its now faster! Once, it is out, there are 2 hex screws that hold a guard plate in place behind the drives. Once these 3 are unscrewed, the acp can be pushed from the back and it comes out through an opening on the front of the frame.

Customers who have purchased a previous versions of this product from Intech’s website can login and obtain their Free Lifetime Update.

Using any other means, I’d have to keep checking the file size to see when it stopped going up to know for sure that it was finished. Works fine on a dual G4 GB internal.

Last year’s entry the Network Attached Storage Bin combined fetishes 1 and 3 into a hideous monster of dubious practicality. I actually tried a more elaborate script and folder structure that used curl, but after several hours of troubleshooting, I gave up and took this approach with Safari.


After the partitioning was over, the drive now showed up as a single partition in Disk Utility and I could not “see” the free space. Just be sure you click “Send” when configuring the mail settings and check to be sure the test message came through.

So, my blind trust in Intech’s tools paid off and I can say I am a atq customer.

SpeedTools ATA Hi-Cap Driver

In a case where the computer in the entertainment center was running over wireless, it would be much preferable to share this stuff from the Cube over a wired LAN connection. Yes, I could pay for a static IP, but why give the telco monopoly more money to crush competition with? AppleScript to the rescue! I will later rename it to Cube, but I have never used Intech’s clone tool and want to be sure there are no problems cloning from one drive to another if the partitions are named at same.

So, I create a special email account for my Cube and get it set up lntech check for new mail every 5 minutes. After formatting the partition, I do my first test copy by backing up the Intech CD. This is the route I chose. Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed.

Thank You for Submitting Your Review,! No matter what I did with the links on their site, I kept ending up in a purchase scenario. Click image for larger version. Clicking on the Download Now Visit Site button above will open a connection to a third-party site.


I replied to both, and here, two weeks later, have not received a reply from either. I had a similar problem as an earlier review.

I now have no choice but to dispute the purchase and question the legitimacy of Intech with Visa. From Intech Software Corporation: It offers a handful of tools and I read the Info on each before installing see the View buttons in the image below. I open up QuickBack, choose the internal drive for my Source, then choose the external as my Target.

For 25 bucks this is a steal. This same project could also be done with a Mac mini and a MiniStack, supportt even a full-blown desktop PowerMac if you do not mind the noise and additional wasted space. Finish the Drive Configuration After a restart, I open Disk Utility to discover the new partition waiting to be formatted.

Speedtools Ata Hi-cap Driver Download – moo-films

I went to Intech to get a “free update for life”. Even if I’m just downloading the latest version of Cyberduck at 10MB, if I’m doing it at the coffee shop the network is clogged enough to begin with so it would be nice to offload that to my Cube which is sitting at home waiting for something to do. This would bring a tear to Steve Jobs’ eyes.