Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Incorrect use of this utility can render your device inoperable. Some features might also require latest beta version. The hostap-utils package provides ifupdown 8 hooks for this purpose: The driver uses firmware stored in the device’s flash memory. The driver supports a so called Host AP mode, i. Views Read Edit View history.

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In addition, it includes information about which cards are Prism2-based and can thus be used in Host AP mode. You are required to supply appropriate firmware images for your device. This does not require any special firmware for the wireless LAN card.

Views Read Edit View history. When used with a user space daemon, the combination of the Host AP driver and hostapd daemon includes additional features.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. However, further cost reductions caused a new, lighter firmware to be designed and the amount of on-chip memory to shrink, making it impossible to run the older version of the firmware on the latest chips.

Prism (chipset)

The Prism brand is used for wireless networking integrated circuit commonly called “chips” technology from Conexant for wireless LANs. Using the latest version of the tools is recommended. Please, note that you will need quite recent version of Wireless Tools to use some features of the Host AP driver.


This can take about 30 seconds. Host AP driver was added into the main kernel tree in Linux linjx.

This driver linhx basic functionality needed to initialize and configure Prism2-based cards, to send and receive frames, and to gather statistics. The version in the kernel tree should be used instead of this external hostap-driver package.

prism54 – Debian Wiki

Downloading of primary and secondary aka station firmware to RAM and flash memory. If not already performed, connect the device to your system. For example, ensure your supplied files are compatible, then perform a non-volatile download: This is not possible for Prism 3 SSF devices. A Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Some features might also require latest beta version. WPA support station firmware 1. Retrieved from ” https: These include support for IEEE However, a reverse engineering effort eventually made it possible to use the new Prism54 chipsets under the Linux and BSD operating systems.

The external releases are only for older kernel versions and all the future development will be in the main kernel tree. Intersil’s station firmware for Prism2 chipset supports a so called Host AP mode in which the firmware takes care of time critical tasks like beacon sending and frame acknowledging, but leaves other management tasks to host computer driver.


The necessary kernel module is automatically loaded for supported devices.

Intersil initially provided a Linux driver for the first Prism54 chips which implemented a large part of the Debian External Links http: The specific option to enable can be found within the kernel’s configuration: The hostap-utils package provides ifupdown 8 hooks for this purpose: The Host AP driver is part the Linux kernel since version 2. Downloading to RAM The following procedure can be used to transiently upgrade station firmware to version 1.

Index of /intersil-prism/firmware/1.7.4

It is provided in the hostap-utils package. Troubleshooting Prism 3 SSF devices e. Install the hostap-utils and wireless-tools packages: