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The second method is to load the rev module and then look at the kernel messages using dmesg.

If you did not use the automatic installer, or if the automatic installer appeared to work successfully. The final pricing of both, however, will be announced at launch. Configuring udffs kernel module as user smithpa If you’re running a 2.

In RDX Technologythe drive heads are contained within drd cartridge along with the platter and are removed along with it. Top White Papers and Webcasts.

REV (disk)

The two rdd will develop tape replacement autoloader products using the new RRD technology. Be sure to read any notes see links at the top left hand side of this page relating to the type of interface your REV drive uses.

In addition, this document does not grant you any additional rights or representations with regard to the underlying software described herein; any use of such software rtd governed by a separate, applicable license, your acceptance of which is a pre-condition to your use of such software.


You should see entries similar to: The REV was in many ways a successor to Iomega’s Jaz drivewhich uses a similar removable hard-disk-platter concept.

The second parameter is the mount point for your drive.

Iomega RRD USB Device Drivers Download for Free | Driver Talent

Using your favorite text editor emacs, vi, pico, nano, joe, kate, kedit, etc. By clicking on the “Register” button below, I agree that I have carefully read the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy and I agree to be legally bound by all such terms. Iomegz following issues are known to exist with REV on Linux: Have not been able to reproduce. You’re currently subscribed to some eWEEK features and just need to create a username and password.

Address all the issues listed above. It’s also possible for entries to be present for drives that are currently not attached. Mount points may be created as desired using the mkdir command.

The drives are compatible with MacintoshWindowsand Linux operating systemsalthough some only with particular models or interfaces. Be sure that the file is named. What is your job function?


Installing new udffs module as root Retrieved from ” https: The installer will verify that everything it needs is present on your system and that it can build and install the rev and udffs modules against your kernel. Fedora Core 2 SuSE 9. The recommended second option is to build and install the rev kernel module and the udffs kernel module a modified version of Benjamin Fennema’s 0.

Fedora Core 1 Fedore Core 1 has multiple configurations for different platforms in the same kernel source directory.

Iomega RRD Tools

This tool is available at http: Otherwise, select 0, or simply press Enter. Which topic are you interested in? However the Jaz design does not put the drive motor in the disk case. The installer performs a hack to the rev module Makefile so that the appropriate headers are pulled directly from the kernel source.