This means you have to find out which driver family is supporting your specific device. Please also read the FAQ regarding this topic. As grub and others are depending on that layer you obviously can’t use them together with coreboot. You can choose between a lot of different payloads. The only market the WS excludes are hard core gamers, period.

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On the motherboard itself are two small green LED’s, one is to designate that the system is receiving power and the other denotes DIMM power reception.

Retrieved from ” https: Who of aren’t interested in a little extra speed after all? In context with coreboot this elf image is called payload. The elf image is put into the ROM together with the coreboot image.

Board:iwill/dk8 htx

Once your System is up and running you can choose between one or the other by using a dip switch. If you fail in your attempts to coax that special Athlon or Duron above and beyond the call of duty the BIOS will reset to the factory defaults. Well, etherboot also supports SATA.

Sometimes scripts use standard output of a command to iwilll for example if a library has the right version.


Etherboot is an independent open source project. It seems as though Iwill has thought of it all. The KK motherboard from Iwill continues a long standing tradition of providing overclocking friendly biis.

Iwill KK Plus PCSTATS Review – KKPlus BIOS

Though the default CAS latency value is 3, iwll can attempt to tweak it and lower down to 2. Privacy policy About coreboot Disclaimers.

If you want to add support for more than one if-driver use ‘–‘ to separate the options from each other. As you can see on the picture on the right hand side the RD1 is a sandwich consisting of two chips. Though graphics performance leaves something to be desires as is the case will ALL boardsit overclocking potential, stability and overall system performance make up for it tremendously.

The BIOS on the KK has many of the features you would normally expect to see these days, plus a few that are used especially iwil those of you interested in tweaking the system into some exta performance.

Board:iwill/dk8 htx – coreboot

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Do you remember the configuration chapter where we reduced the size of the coreboot.

The processors clock ratio is adjustable by this utility as well up to a value of 15, which is nice and high. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. This means you have to find out which driver family is supporting your specific device.


I would say so. This is probably the most loaded E-based board on the market today.

Being an E board, Iwill has implemented options for the user with regard to the on-board display adapter. Of course you should have tested both options with the original BIOS before you really start your development.

So please add the following node the italic lines to the “device iwi,l of the mainboard’s Config. Of course a board like this would certainly suit general purpose as well as business users perfectly. Therefore you have to change the size of the coreboot. More details on building an etherboot for coreboot are available. As already mentioned earlier it is not possible to use lilo with coreboot directly. Privacy policy and Terms of Use.

Add the following lines to your Config. This naturally, adds accuracy to temperature readings. Curiously only two out of the four fans seem to be supported for RPM monitoring.