The side button starts or pauses a playback. There is an image and ring tone choice for a group. A service indicator is inserted into the button and twinkles with dazzling white. The backlash leaves an impression of slovenliness of the assembling quality. The back covering has a small backlash and hides a Li-Ion battery of the capacity of mAh. Full charge takes a little more an hour and half. The volume of polyphony alarm is modest and, as for the preinstalled melodies, the sounds at average level.

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Besides, there is calculating a body mass. A shortcut number navigation operates with a number sequence, still it is partially realised.

Themes hide mere colour decoration of the menu. Another cable can be sold in any computer shop for a couple dollars if necessary. Events may be recurrent and you are to select necessary days of week at that.

Design Type G18000 Type called form factor refers to a mobile phone’s size, shape, and style as well as the layout and position g18800 major components of phone. The device has no direct rival in its segment, since not a single model bears such functionality.

Showing of the proper number of colours is accounted for by a controller that presents in the device physically. Headphones are connected into a gap on the top.

The device sold by the Korean company of LG is essentially created by lf Taiwanese manufacturer Phoenix on basis of a chipset by Dart Technologies also a novice in the phone market, still the world’s leader in the province of DVD chipsets.


For this money you can acquire a qualitative MP3 player with memory of Mb, an FM radio with all functions realization of the best quality. Text can be entered either by letters or with T9 using.

The reviewed device is not virtually known alias its original title Phoenix, for the producer is too small and not noted beyond the bounds of Taiwan still in the homeland it g18000 no strong enough position.

LG G – RF (Radio Frequency) Safe

LG G – Reviews Sorry, reviews are closed for this device. You will feel it through your clothes by all means, but can miss, if the device lies in a may pocket. A batch communication is supported and this makes browsing an inexpensive action.

Operating a flash memory would satisfy almost all as everything is entirely clear. The OK button doest exist here. The screen resembles that of Siemens C65 when confronted together. In the condition of Moscow MTS network the device has been working for 4 days in case of 30 minutes of talks and the minimum using of other functions.

It fits 6 text and 2 service lines.

LG G1800 pictures

A service indicator is inserted into the button and twinkles with dazzling white. The handset support data transmission to a SIM card and back.

The switch to a new controller within one matrix also involves more image sharpness. The volume of polyphony alarm is modest and, as for the preinstalled melodies, the sounds at average level. This applies to both g18000 groups and phone entries.


If you glance at specifications of STN screens manufacturers, you will find many propositions of the corresponding characteristics. It is significant that while USB communication the device is llg off and you could not use it as a phone.

LG G pictures, official photos

Regarding that while USB communication the accumulator is being charged, everything will depend on whether you often copy new compositions to the phone. The MP3 player realization is rather good, nevertheless one should change the standard headphones. According to the manufacturer, the accumulator provides 3 hours in talk mode and up to hours lf standby mode. The total list shows numbers both from SIM card and device memory.

There is a virtual situation that the grain size and STN restrictions do not permit showing the difference between 65K and K colours on mobile screens. Video sample telling about back cover backlash, listen to characteristic cover cracks AVI, 2.

The Operating System allows the user to install and run third party applications appsapps are used to add new functionality to the device. By this example one can see how the company of LG treats the customer.