I take it these controllers that are reported as “Drive Spin Down support: Not for your situation, but you cannot use v9 of sas2flash it will not allow rebadged cards to be flashed, its in my notes with the zip. Zac B 2, 3 16 I can tell you that you will have some awesome IOPS though. Wiki page compilation of this thread work in progress: I connect the HBA to my motherboard, and it initializes fine. That’s a really nice case on that freebie, by the way.

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Regarding the drive trays, I’m not sure.

Dell Optiplex SFF 3 items. Quote message in reply?

In order to be able to post messages on the Overclock. Already have an lgoic Nope just checked you would have to download the DOS version of the file, swapout and change the batch file code.

How to configure LSI Logic SASE-IR on booting? – LSI Logic Disk & RAID solutions – Tek-Tips

I added it for you, please go slow and test each stage, let me know, stop if you are not sure of anything.


If i had any budget i could do better for sure. I downloaded the latest file and it will now identify the M card but will not flash it. Product Pricing Community Blog. Oftentimes, re-branded cards are less expensive to acquire than their LSI counterparts making re-brands highly desirable. In a one card system this should always be Zero the default I put in.

Drive Spin Down support: Personally i do not believe this is a good canidate card for unraid.

I’ve always had bad experiences with that and would never recommend using parity based RAID with a firmware controller. It does not need to have a PCIe x8 slot.

Though is is an old version indeed. Monitor p Hz eDP. This is done all day long by many people in the world, but sometimes cards are bad or are going bad, you lose power, etc… Please keep this in mind.

The utility hides them so that you cannot include the same disk twice in a volume. Select Save changes then exit this menu, and then press Enter. Page 1 of 3. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


Is the LSI SAS1068E hardware or software raid?

Would you mind going through all three stages again So I know this is done completely and help others. As should PCIe x4 according to support. NO” should be avoided? You will need to find another motherboard to use to flash the controller card.

Why aren’t my SATA drives being detected by my LSI E Dell SAS6/ir HBA card? – Super User

I dont make firmware. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. But having more options than 1 controller is always welcome. Email Required, but never shown.

That is correct this card only has iMR Firmware available. USED in most cases or pulls from brand new servers, or just Froogle shopping. Distributed Computing – General.