Posted May 24, edited. Now, how you do this depends on what the old hard discs are i. Apache PMd me just now while I was doing some research into it I know, I should have done this before posting. I could send you an adapter to plug it into a USB port, all you need is power, which you should have a spare connector inside your PC. However a word of warning with a spindle rotating at a least rpm if it detaches from the drive housing it would make Odd job’s bowler look tame Goldfinger baddie. Dead simple and you won’t have to open your existing pc.

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Or dive down to Maplin and get one yourself:.

Can someone tell me, in simpleton terms, on how I would be able to do this please? Dead simple and you adapteg have to open your existing pc.

Data recovery from OLD hard drive? [Archive] – PPRuNe Forums

Know nothing about hdd or repairing them, but you can repair play station 3s by putting them in a pillowcase and heating them with a hair dryer you don’t even have to take them apart, YouTube it. Connect the supplied mains psu to it and via a USB lead plug it into any pc of your choice. Thanks for the ideas. IF the discs are older AND from a tower as opposed to a laptop then likely to be 3.

Posted June 10, Downside it’s a tad slow in terms of data transfer – more on that in a mo but TBH more than adequate for transferring a few files.


I’m thinking maybe the drive is faulty? Some of the grades of solder that I used to use were over deg C. Of course you will probably need to do this for each disc so I reckon the caddy is the way to go!

Been looking on youtube at the video of the Clicking HDD before and after it has not been torqued to the correct manufacturers setting. Let’s stop here for a second, if it, the disc s looks like the photo above then I have a 3. Posted June 7, Posted May 29, Take care to cojbo temp to solder melt point and not above Or dive down to Maplin and get one yourself: Posted June 8, Have tried various configurations but without luck.

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Not once has it destroyed my pc settings. Already have an account? I use Ebuyer for most of my stuff BTW – cheap as but online.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. I am toying with the idea of trying the Platter in the one that worked. I isb three hard drives removed from old computer towers some time ago, each with various issues.

Plus side you acapter have to mess around with changing jumpers: Many ways to skin this cat! Swapping the circuit board usually only works if the drive is up and spinning due to the defect map held on the board being unique to each drive, you also need to ensure you have the same board revision, crucially it’s sector 0 that’s key, if the actuator can’t calibrate to this you are into a really time consuming recovery.


Adqpter melting point is uwb like deg C so you are not going to reflow joints in an oven. If you get issues with Windoze, I’ll lend you a laptop with Ubuntu on it.

Anyone help with any suggestions? One had the blue screen of death. This is the second one you have posted on where the original post was many years ago and has long since been satisfactorily answered.

Maplin USB 2.0 to SATA & IDE Hard Disk HDD Adaptor Converter A35FQ

kde Apache PMd me just now while I was doing some research into it I know, I should have done this before posting.

All you’ll do by putting it in the oven at a low temperature is drive out any moisture that may have got behind any of the components. I have been doing some research, as that is the way that I seem to recall.