A much more complete description of WDM and a comparision with the linux driver model can be found here. Send comments about this topic to Microsoft. October 4, at Types of WDM Drivers. There are some tutorials in the internet:. The idea behind WDM was to unite all these frameworks and provide binary this goal proved far-fetched or source level compatibility between different kinds of windows.

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Each filter factory is capable of instantiating filters of a particular type: Device Configurations and Layered Drivers. Send comments about wvm topic to Microsoft.

Your feedback about this content is important. If the adapter contains several different types of devices, those devices are presented through several different filter factories.

Codeproject has a list of introductory driver development topics hereincluding a simple pseudo-driver and a 6-part tutorial links for parts 123456 You can look at Melekan Tsegaye’s MSc thesiswhich describes both a simple WDM driver and a more advanced IEEE driver. If the filter can provide one or more pins that are similar or identical in function, the filter groups those pins together into the same pin factory.

I’ll write more details on WDF in the next posts.

Introduction to WDM

There are no open issues. A client instantiates an input or output pin on a filter when the client needs to msn a data stream into or out of that filter. A KS filter is implemented as a kernel-mode driver object that encapsulates some number of related stream-processing functions.


This architecture started in Windows as an enhancement to previous Windows NT device drivers. A KS filter exposes a collection of pin factories to the audio system. I have a list of WDM books wxm my previous post, however I would like to be more specific: For more device type-specific information, see Device and Driver Technologies. This field is set either to zero or to the bitwise-OR of one or more of the following system-defined flag bits:.

The buffer’s length is specified by Parameters. The buffer receives data from the device sdm driver. Data buffering is typically required to smooth out momentary mismatches in the rates at which an output pin produces data and an input pin consumes it.

Read about this change in our blog post. The operating system connects the filters to other filters to form filter graphs that process audio streams on behalf of application programs.

Windows Driver Model (WDM) (Windows Drivers)

Unfortunately, most of the material in the web either replicates the same information or is much more advanced to read. For output, the buffer’s length is specified by Parameters. The data stream from the output ddm must have a data format that the input pin can accept. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.


SystemBuffer as the output buffer. To complete this integration, you must write a set of handler routines in your driver that process calls from the operating system. You must be logged in to post a comment. You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. To allow driver developers to write device drivers that are source-code compatible across all Microsoft Medn operating systems, the Windows Driver Model WDM was introduced.

Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. We appreciate your feedback. There are three kinds of WDM drivers: For the most common kinds of devices, msd Windows Driver Kit WDK supplies a sample set of fully functional system drivers. All WDM drivers must do the following: A set of related nodes is grouped together to form a KS filterwhich represents a more-or-less independent block of stream-processing functionality.