When you activate this function, the current and programs are saved to the hard disk drive. M Series Notebook PC Disconnecting the AC Power When you disconnect the AC adapter, you should unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet first, and then un- plug the connector from the computer. Power Management This chapter shows you how to manage the power effectively, in order to maintain the longest battery life while using your computer. Therefore, following are suggestions to protect your system. Press and hold the [Fn] key, and then press this key to Press Enter or ESC can set up this option. M Series Notebook PC 1.

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MSI M610 Series User Manual

With the ACPI function, the power can be distributed wlann different components individually according to their needs. Typewriter keys, Cur- sor keys, Numeric keys, and Function keys. Move the cursor down to select one item under the menu title. Under the Hibernate tab, you can activate Hibernation by checking the Enable hibernation option.

Typewriter Keys The Typewriter Keys The function of the Typewriter keys is the major function of the keyboard, which is similar to the keys on a typewriter. Page 70 Caring Your Notebook PC To ensure trouble-free operation and reduce any hazardous risk while working, you should take good care of your computer. Page 28 When using the touchpad, keep your fingers and the touchpad clean and dry for optimal performance.


Stand by, Hibernate, or Shut down.

Drivers For Free – Msi Value Series M Msi Ms Wlan Driver Versions

Elan, you can also connect the external audio devices for a better audio quality when enjoy- ing your music and movie on the computer. MSI reminds you 2 – Second The value is set from 00 to The Main menu displays the system information, including the basic configuration.

Do not try to disassemble the battery pack. M Series Notebook PC Disconnecting wlaan AC Power When you disconnect the AC adapter, you should unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet first, and then un- plug the connector from the computer.

It will save time to boot the system.

If the battery power is not managed well, your saved data and customized settings may be lost. Slide the battery cover into place and then push downwards to secure the battery pack. Battery Pack To supply power to your computer when the AC adapter is not connected see Introduction to the Power Source in Chapter 4 for more information.


W hen the lock keys are pressed, the corresponding LEDs will light up to indicate their status: When unplugging the power cord, al- ways hold the connector part of the cord, never elan the cord. A fully charged battery pack can supply power to the computer for several hours, depending on the actual use of your computer. If you forgot the mdi, please contact your local dealer for assistance.


Also, remember to remove any CD disk from the drive. Tips For Traveling 7.

MSI reminds you 4 – Move the cursor up to select one item under the menu title. Keep your hands and feet with optimal comfort. Place your finger on the touchpad usually using the forefingerand the rectangular pad will act as a miniature duplicate of your display.

Drivers Acer TravelMate 610

Move the cursor left to m61 one menu title. Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure. To take full advantage of your wlaan and connected peripheral devices, you should configure the system through BIOS Setup. W hen the operating system of your computer is dam- aged and cannot work properly, you can use the Recovery CD to resume the system in its original state. Placing and Operating Your Computer Use the computer in a proper environment where the temperature Top-open View Press the Cover Latch to open the top cover see pageand you can find the main operating area of your computer.

Use this menu m6610 choose whether saving your changes or not.